Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some festive sketches

Here are a few Christmas themed sketches I've done over the past few days. Two of which are water colours,the First was done in photoshop CS5,all are a little inapropriate but it's all in good fun, enjoy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crazy Kal

This is a charicature of a regular drinker in the bar I worked at in Sydney. He is a well known Customer and entertains the staff with his wacky laugh and weird stories.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rough reference Drawings

Some Rough sketches of a book I am currently Illustrating. These are character designs
and simple poses of a boy the book is based upon.

Sketching Down under

Ok here we go, I've finally invested in a scanner now that I'm settled in sydney! I have put together some of my sketches and ideas I've done since I've been travelling around australia. so here are a few, but more to come soon....

sketches Down under of Crocodiles and other nice things

Some sketches of cocs and of the sydney Opera house and bridge

Balloons for my friend tara

Here are some sketches I did for a friend of mine from Derry, who's obsessed with the movie UP, She wanted me to help come up with a tatoo design she wants on her torso, she wanted it to represent her travelling freedom/ concept of up. I've never seen a tatoo with balloons befroe so I was honoured to help and draw her ultimate tatoo idea. She's got a few so this one suites her personlaity quiet welL. I cant wait to see the finished piece